Health2Sync, a digital health startup based in Taiwan, and French multinational pharmaceutical firm Sanofi have extended their collaboration to soon come up with and market a new insulin management solution. 


The companies noted the “suboptimal” use of insulin in Taiwan and Asia. A recent study published in the Journal of Diabetes Investigation shared that approximately half of insulin users in Asia were not reaching their glycemic target after insulin intervention, mainly due to poor compliance with insulin. 

It was found in another real-world survey that one in seven insulin-treated patients had discontinued insulin for about one to two months for different reasons, such as impact on social life and costs. It was found then that around half of patients who poorly adhered to insulin treatment had glycated haemoglobin. 

According to a press statement, Health2Sync will develop an insulin management solution with titration algorithms, which the company said will be “the first of its kind in Asia”. It noted how “timely” titration alerts are “promising” for effective communication between healthcare providers and patients and helpful for patients wanting to achieve their desirable HbA1c faster.

Sanofi will first commercialise this upcoming solution in Taiwan once it receives relevant regulatory approvals. 

Ultimately, the partners aim “to bring forth clinical efficacy with real-world evidence of the connected eco-system and insulin management solution”.


The companies first entered into a licensing agreement last year in September. Since then Health2Sync’s digital solutions have been rolled out in over 180 clinics and hospitals certified by Taiwan Diabetes Shared Care Network. 

Also last year in November, Health2Sync teamed up with apartment management company Daikyo Astage to deliver health management services to residents of the latter’s managed apartments in Japan. It involved the use of the SyncHealth chronic disease management app which assists users in the self-management of long-term illnesses.


“Through this new phase of our partnership with Health2Sync, we are accelerating our ambition to support the daily-life unmet needs of individuals with diabetes in Taiwan with scalable, data-driven solutions, that will build equity and trust with care givers in transforming the health environment, as well as deliver meaningful clinical and real-world health outcomes,” Kelly Lam, general manager for general medicines at Sanofi Hong Kong and Taiwan. 

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