Health tech startup MedPiper Technologies has launched its latest online offering to help doctors find jobs and optimise their workflows. 

Since 2019, the company has been connecting healthcare professionals with hospitals and healthcare organisations for duty vacancies and assignments and with pharmacies for partnerships. Its membership comprises over 65,000 verified healthcare professionals, providing services to about 35 healthcare organisations.


MConnekt is a web-based platform where doctors can “discover, engage, and connect” with digital health platforms and seek offline work opportunities. It also assists them in optimising their workflow and work hours. Through a dashboard, users can manage their engagements in real-time and find out current job opportunities, wage trends, and other related information. 

Job discovery also includes consultation opportunities, such as teleconsultation, review, and interpretation of medical records, as well as clinical advice on preventive health. 

Additionally, the platform features an online resume builder with pre-set templates and the MedPiper Community where doctors can interact with one another and participate in online discussions.


In a press statement, MedPiper noted how telehealth has become costly and inefficient to manage a clinical workforce and build a medical consult infrastructure with a nationwide scale.

Given this issue, the startup came up with MConnekt that “connects a marketplace of board-certified clinicians to deliver on-demand, compliant consults without geographic limitations,” said co-founder and CEO Nitthin Chandran.

Digital health platforms can also use its API to enable direct connection with verified, active doctors across India in real-time, doing away with a one-on-one onboarding process. “The existing systems in the country today take a long time to acknowledge, authorise and verify new practitioners. MConnekt helps to make the onboarding process entirely seamless and transparent for both doctors and hospitals,” MedPiper co-founder and CTO Pranay Suyash further explained.


A similar platform that provides networking opportunities for doctors was introduced in India in July. Healthcare solutions provider HealWell24 launched which was said to be the first online healthcare network in the country. The platform allows doctors to build their professional network, share and access knowledge, and find school alumni, mentors and peers. It also provides space for patients to connect with other patients with similar health conditions and find answers to health questions or help others with their questions.

To promote digitisation, the Academy of Family Physicians India (AFPI), a professional academic organisation, made connected healthcare platform Eka Care its preferred technology provider. They signed a memorandum of understanding where the latter will help AFPI member doctors by providing services such as patient engagement, EMR, telemedicine, and payment solution.

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