New York-based UpHealth brings patient management software to India’s Nagaland 

HelloLyf, a patient management, digital health and decision support software by New York-listed digital health firm UpHealth, has come to the state of Nagaland in India with the opening of the company’s latest health facility there.

The digital hospital HelloLyf HX provides outpatient care, emergency care, radiology and imaging, intensive care, high-dependency care, inpatient care and houses a complete dialysis unit. It is designed to offer COVID-19 care and resources and serves as an acute care hospital.

It is powered by the HelloLyf software which has the ability to connect patients with virtual healhcare specialists around the globe. The facility’s 88 e-ICU beds with connected ventilators and injection syringe pumps are also mapped to the patient management software. 

UpHealth plans to set up more digital hospitals across India, as well as in Africa and some rural areas in the United States.

“Our dream has been to provide the best possible healthcare at a reasonable cost and rapid development and construction time to underserved areas. Today, we can enable delivery of healthcare to anyone, anywhere at the lowest cost and bridge the physical world with a digital platform,” UpHealth International CEO Sabahat Azim said in a statement.

Snoring detection, weather and season monitoring comes to mobile sleep tracker ShutEye’s latest update

Hong Kong-based health app developer Enerjoy is set to release a new version of ShutEye, a mobile sleep tracker app which assists users in understanding the quality and patterns of their sleep. 

Based on a press release, ShutEye 2.0 will provide more user-friendly sleep reports, a sound environment analysis report, snoring detection, before-bedtime activity recordings, weather and seasonal monitoring and analysis. It will also alert users of potential illnesses.

The upcoming release will feature guides for winding down before bed and practical advice for improving sleep quality.

The upgraded ShutEye app will be available at the Apple App Store from 20 December. 

AXA Hong Kong brings online psychological service to insurance app

Insurance firm AXA Hong Kong has partnered with local tech-based psychological services provider TheraTalk to offer psychological service to its clients.

TheraTalk’s Mind Healer is an online consultation platform where users take a simple mental health assessment and receive online text counselling. AXA is giving its Employee Benefits insurance customers an exclusive five-day free trial of the service on its Emma by AXA mobile app. 

Meanwhile, AXA has come up with a comprehensive list of healthcare professionals, including general practitioners with psychology qualifications, certified psychiatrists and clinical psychologists. Available for insured employees and their dependents on the Emma by AXA app, the list helps customers search for suitable and reliable mental health specialists. More specialists will be invited soon to provide counselling services to its insurance clients. 

OrigiMed to develop digital service platform for anti-tumour drugs with Janssen

Chinese diagnostic solution provider OrigiMed has signed a memorandum of understanding with Janssen (China) Research and Development Center of Johnson & Johnson (China) Investment Co. for a strategic collaboration to develop new clinical solutions driven by data science.   

Specifically, the partnership involves the creation of a real-world evidence database and the optimisation of clinical trial and patient management by using OrigiMed’s online medical platform.

Together, they will establish a digital service platform for new anti-tumour drugs and companion diagnostic products powered by OrigiMed’s next-generation sequencing technology, gene database, patient follow-up database, and real-world study and evidence.

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